Jeremy Low




Himawari 8 Bot

A very late write-up of Himawari8bot, which tweets videos and GIFs from the JMA’s Himawari-8 Satellite. Project from back in October/December timeframe. This page is pretty heavy on videos, so buyer beware if you have a mobile data plan.

The GIFing Bot

I made a bot on Twitter that converts MP4 videos (what Twitter calls GIFs) back into their GIF form. I hate seeing an excellent GIF on twitter and not being able to download it. That’s, like, basically against nature. Have a ball.

Font Pairings & Contrast

Work in progress, but you can still take a look. Started out as a little project to make pairings for Google Fonts a little easier. You can select any font hosted on Google Fonts (plus some others coming soon) for body and title and generate a paragraph and heading without much trouble.

Rotoscoping a bird

Cause you can? Using autotrace and some pretty standard utilities, you rotoscope pretty much anything that has high enough contrast. Just a demonstration of what you can do. Anyway, if your source file is over 500 frames long, it’s going to take a while.

spam yourself

Choose a flickr tag and have a random image from that tag emailed to you every morning. Even make it about dot me and only get emailed photos you’ve uploaded.

U.S. Zipcodes (link tk)

Need a dataset of basically all U.S. zipcodes? Well, have a ball. The data is self-reported and likely (surely) to contain errors. Read all about it (and how no one can spell Minneapolis).

Titlecase (Again) (link tk)

If you need something in titlecase (like a title) and there could potentially be business or medical abbreviations in the title, step on up? Simple python program to properly titlecase things like LLCs, LLPs, Incs, and Corps.